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fraud seller

01-Oct-2015 00:12 AM

Hello Sir , My name is Praveen Krishna . Recentlly , I was looking to buy a used mobile phone on OLX . I came across this seller listed there named robin ( Ad ID: 882631043 . Link has been removed on olx as i have reported a fraud . He had given a fake name on OLX ) . The item was listed for 16000INR . As i was looking for that product i contacted the seller on whatsapp on the number mentioned on OLX.in. As the seller was not from my region i couldnt check the product before buying . The seller asked me to pay a sum of 5000INR and he would courier me the item and i had to transfer the remaining money once the item is received . After a couple of days the seller sent me an invoice soft copy and also a tracking code and convinced me to make the remaining payment .As it turns out the tracking code seems to be a fake and now the seller is not responding . I know i should have been careful but i would be grateful if you can please help me in getting money back . The seller told he is from seattle and works at united warehouse company . He told me to transfer money to the below account . Rubesh Kumar Account Number : 4622715356788177 Standard chartered bank IFSC code :SCBL0036001 These are the phone numbers he gave me and he was in touch with +1-260-666-9971 and +1-360-940-0969 He sent me a soft copy of the invoice under the name of Robert klein (supposedly his manager) Warehouse workers limited Invoice number : 23027655 Fedex tracking code #92734566700023 I was able to find out the actual name and details of seller on facebook . Inline image 1 Inline image 1 Inline image 2 Link : https://www.facebook.com/rubesh.htr I contacted olx.inand they told that they send access logs (IP, email, date and time of publication) of the user who posted the ad if required by the police or other law enforcement authorities. I can give more details about the seller (whatsapp chat , bank account transfer details etc ) which can help in tracking . Even if i am not benefited ; at least future crimes from fraudsters like these can be prevented .


aptel.hq@gmail.com [21-Jul-2016 47:05 PM]
Contact Centre
On May 6, 2016, at 3:09 PM Manila Time. An unknown US number +1 206-666-9971 whatsapp my number +65 82693678, showed interest to our contact center to outsource Service Desk Support in Singapore. He mentioned that they are currently running the existing process in Chennai India and they were planning to migrate the whole processes in our contact center due to the so called floor happened last year 2015. He introduced himself by the name "Robin Klein" from Seatle, operating their IT business for UNITED WAREHOUSE in the US. His Operations Manager named as "Naveen” was endorsed to me for due diligence or "verification” stage. This will require him to visit the physical site and involves signing of SLA (agreement) for our company. The so called name "Robin Klein” mentioned that he will outsource the whole IT back end support from his company "United Warehouse.” while his manager "Naveen" with an indian number +91 9840255359 will provide more details of the operation scope. He finally decided to go for a trip in either Singapore or Philippines (our operation site). As a goodwill I suppose to offered him a free hotel stay and he shoulder his fare to Phil. But he took advantage of it, and insist that our company MUST shoulder the cost for his travel and he will waive it off when their company make arrangement for paying us the upfront deposit. We booked his two way ticket for 32,000.00 INR, he provided his passport with now a different name "Rubesh Kumar Mathiyalagan”. He suppose to fly to the Philippines on July 8, 2016 but as per him, immigration officer did not allow him enter due to no Philippine VISA. After the incident, his boss “ROBIN KLEIN” mentioned that we need to send RUBESH KUMAR a money via money gram or western union for business visa amounting to 23,800INR and he will arrange/ send the money on the following week (July 10 to 15, 2016) I refuse to provide money and mentioned that why can’t he send money to RUBESH directly without our intervention. After that Robin and Rubesh were no longer responsive in email and phone. email and Phone : rk.unibiz@gmail.com and robin.investuk@gmail.com ; +1 206-666-9971 ; +91 9840255359 ; We would like to lodge a complaint and get update please. Any corrective action is very much appreciated. What we found out: We start googling their numbers in the internet and found out that Naveen,Robin Klein and Rubesh Kumar are just 1 person. SCAMMING CALL CENTER Complaint from us: please see attached email for his identity and his ticket booked by our company. Should you need our conversation be lodged, I will be happy to provide His ads to scam people, Locanto still exists and OLX (it was deleted) http://bangalore.locanto.in/ID_835519443/Iphone5s-32Gb-for-sale.html A FRAUD complaint from website 01-Oct-2015 00:12 AM http://www.anyaayvirodh.com/view.aspx?SubCatid=4 His Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/rubesh.mathew6 His Instagram: http://www.pikore.com/rubesh90 Google plus https://plus.google.com/106003992573347094431/posts